Monthly Archives: February 2017

A Message From Our Director: Denisse Centeno Lamas

As we approach the end of the year, we recognize how difficult 2016 has been to our Central Florida Community. This past year surprised us all with inexcusable situations that intended to instill fear and to crumble our character; but instead, they have challenged us to rethink our priorities and reaffirm our mission.  We have seen the resilience of our community as we continue to grow united to overcome these difficult circumstances. During the month of June, right after the incident at Pulse, the help and solidarity was overwhelming.  The love and support was shown in many ways – through supplies, sharing of goods and voluntary service, among others.  To all the organizations, churches, families and persons that participated, our most heartfelt thanks.  We wished we had kept a log with every name to recognize you individually.

We are also extremely grateful for the community partners that have helped us in providing services to those in need. In addition, we thank the agencies that continue to  provide financial assistance to enable us to facilitate groups and individual sessions to survivors, family of victims or community members impacted by the tragedy at Pulse.

These include:

  • Central Florida Cares System that has been supporting all the clients without insurance or any form of payment.
  • The Bureau of Victim Compensation that has assisted 14 clients.
  • Since September, the Mental Health Association of Central Florida has assisted 9 clients.
  • The Central Florida Foundation who provided a grant sponsored by United Way and Orlando United Assistance Program to cover services starting November 29, 2016.

We understand that we are still healing and recovering from Pulse. But we are also stronger and animated. At Hispanic Family Counseling, we look forward to 2017. In the meantime, we want to once again express our gratitude for the privilege to help and to assist those in need.

We wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Denisse Centeno Lamas